Abby the Boxer
Narcissus Jonquilla
Personal project. Part of #the365dayproject challenge.
Personal project. Part of #the100daychallenge
Chase the Moon
Personal project on the Vicuña, a dromedary from Peru.
Digital mixed media. Personal daily project challenge.
Digital mixed media. Personal daily project challenge.
St. Francis
Mixed media, part of the #100dayproject
Photograph and drawn Norfolk Island Pine fronds in digital watercolor.
Morning Coffee
Still life of my mother's hands. Digital mixed media.
Fabric and Canvas
Fabric and acrylic on canvas
Pretty You
Mixed media on canvas board
Wish-con-sin Project
Lasercutting project based on a fictional postage stamp idea.
Lasercut Letterforms
I'm working my own handwriting into a typeface project that includes wood and photography. My first step was to lasercut my marker-drawn caps out of wood.
i will go there and seek you
Freehand machine embroidery and photographic output on cotton. I wrapped the fabric around canvas and then applied acrylic paint. Personal project.
Decaying Flowers
Personal still life project.
Raspberries on chalkboard. Personal project.
Fall Studio Still Life
Personal still life photographs of props on hand and found forest clippings.
Don't Listen to Them
Personal project.
What are you waiting for?
My exploration of a stitch called the French knot. Embroidery floss on linen.
Pink Arrows Textile Design
I drew this design by hand and created a repeat for textile output on cotton. This is my pink arrow color way and I'm working on additional color ways.
Hear the Fear
Embroidered letterforms on cotton
Let me run.
Photograph of our family tire swing, transferred to cotton and then embroidered. Personal project.
Say a little less.
Personal project. Embroidery floss on linen.
Be Your Own Fan
Personal embroidery and typography project
Kitty Castle
Personal project. Mixed media on canvas.
Let's Run Away
Personal mixed media project on canvas.
Old Wise Eyes
Personal mixed media project on canvas
Thank You for Your Hospitality
Personal project. Mixed media on canvas.
Aim for the Luxurious
Personal project. Acrylic, paper, Sharpie, and dollar bill on canvas.
Personal mixed media project on canvas.
Hide Beneath the One Super Giant Tree
Personal project. Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.
Personal mixed media project.
Wood Laser Cut Study: Norfolk Island Pine
Mixed media study and laser cutting project.
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