Tad Carpenter is Just a Tad Rad

One humdrum weekday morning, I sauntered into my office and saw that dusty inbox of mine shining brightly with a cardboard envelope adorned with handwritten words and actual STAMPS! What, was it suddenly 1995? STAMPS and a POSTMARK? All business stopped and I ripped open this gem from Tad Carpenter.

Tad had sent me a bundle of amazing screen prints he had done, all packaged together with tape he had designed himself. I freaked, gushed, giggled at their cuteness, and spread the love. Even the TAPE on the envelope was illustrated. The TAPE! We hired this fantastic guy last season to illustrated a game package and POP at Educational Insights, loving the work he did for us.

I  just looked through an interview Grain Edit did with him today and am inspired once again. Can I just say that I DIG his studio almost as much as his energy and his work? Decide for yourself…  http://grainedit.com/2011/03/07/tad-carpenter-interview/

Also, check out Rhyme Out! from EI that Tad illustrated…it’s a simultaneous play triple rhyming word game here, artistically adorned by Tad and art directed by Ms. AnnMarie Siciliano. She tells me he was a dream to work with. http://www.educationalinsights.com/p2p/search/searchresults.do?method=view&search=basic&keyword=rhyme+out&sortby=bestSellers&page=1

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